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Peel Golf Club was founded in 1895 in the

area known as the Congary in Peel. Like the

rest of the Isle of Man in the 1890s, Peel

was a place humming with activity. The golf

links were needed to help establish Peel’s

reputation as a superb holiday centre.

Throughout the course of the War Years

the officials struggled hard to keep the

club going. Immediately after the Second

World War, Frank Dalgleish recognised that

a lot of money needed to be spent on the

club. He acquired the lease of the course,

built an imposing clubhouse and helped to

develop a vibrant social membership. His

initatives can be seen as a turning point in

the club’s fortunes.

In a different but equally valuable way the

efforts of Frank Sloane served the club

well. As part-time green keeper he kept the

course in fine condition by working on the

greens and fairways at 5 a.m. before going

to regular employment. Eddie Lancaster

was also the Club Secretary for some 10

years at a crucial time in the club’s history.

His infectious enthusiasm and infinite

capacity for working in the club’s interest

helpedmake Peel Golf Club what it is today.

As the club embarks upon its second

century, it does so with a course and

clubhouse dramatically different from that

prevailing even 40 years ago, let alone

100. Today the club and it’s course are

priceless assets for Peel and indeed the

Island as a whole. The acquisition of the

land guarantees golf here for many years

to come. No doubt fresh challenges and

anxieties will arise in future years, however

the spirit of Peel Golf Club and it’s members

will keep it moving forward.