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Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors


a highly regarded and experienced firm of

Chartered Surveyors. The company was

established in 1992 with the aim of providing

a comprehensive service to clients on all

property related matters.

The business celebrated its 21st birthday

in April 2013 and the partnership became

Daniells Harrison Surveyors LLP, although it

still continues to trade under the name Daniells

Harrison Chartered Surveyors.

If you need a mortgage for your purchase,

your lender is likely to require a valuation of

the property regardless of its age, condition

or value. Whilst this valuation safeguards the

interests of the lender, it does little to protect

the purchaser and may not show if a property

has hidden defects which can undermine its

value and cause untold problems in the future.

You should obtain a survey to provide you with

enough information about the property.

If you are a “cash buyer” that does not need a

mortgage it is equally important to arrange for

a survey to protect your interests.

All prospective home purchasers should obtain

a detailed survey report such as a Homebuyer

Survey and Valuation or the more in-depth

Building Survey. These surveys are aimed at

identifying defects which require repair in

order to prevent further deterioration and

possible associated damage.

The survey will also draw attention to defects

which can have a significant affect on value

and can form the basis for further negotiation

on the purchase price. Often, the cost of the

survey is only a fraction of the saving made

through renegotiation.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Homebuyer Survey and Valuation is suited to

most residential property. Obviously the cost

of a survey will vary depending on the purchase

price and type of property, as well as the type

of survey required.

Following the inspection they will be happy to

discuss their findings with you and advise you

on the best course of action.

When you are about to make such a large

investment in your new property, it makes

sense to arrange for a survey to be provided

for you and ensure real peace of mind. Daniells

Harrison Chartered Surveyors are ready, willing

and very able to help you achieve this. Please

contact David Wiggins or John Leal, David and

John have worked on the Island for over 45

years and have excellent local knowledge.

Some of their other services include:

Valuation and Professional Services

Architectural Services

Building Consultancy

They are used to working with major mortgage

lenders and are well known to local Estate

Agents and Solicitors. The business is

approachable and friendly and will advise on

which survey or valuation in their opinion, is

most suited to your needs.