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Modern technology enables us to process a client’s property and

have it not only on the web, but also on our database and in the

hands of our buyers within a matter of days.

The package includes high resolution digital photography for use

on the website and in magazines and newspapers, accurate and

detailed floorplans, aerial views, location maps, production of

on-line printable colour brochures together with off-line details, plus

copywriting and distribution of advertisements to be displayed in

press advertising.

Constant research allows us to offer our clients some of the most

innovative developments and advances in technology ahead of our

competitors, from SMS to Email Property Alert.

Where to invest time and money before marketing your


It is a known fact that a buyer makes up their mind within 10-15

seconds of walking through the front door. With our experience in

both the market place and offering interior design solutions, we can

help you achieve a quicker sale.

Preparation and empathy are the keys. When you like a property,

you start to imagine living there. Part of our job is to work with

vendors to help remove the barriers to that process, then to show

you, the buyer, what physically exists and crucially, in achieving the

best price for the vendor - to show the potential of the house, how it

and your life there, might evolve over the years.

Too few vendors allow time for anything other than stage two -

showing the house as it is. As a result, they often set and accept

a lower price than necessary, or take what should have been

preparatory action only after their house has failed to sell. By that

time, any buyers that are interested feel in a strong position to


So what steps should vendors take to ensure maximum appeal for

their property?