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Copyright Glaric Consultancy Ltd. 2015

Advice to people buying and selling

Selling your property quickly and gaining the best possible price has

got to be a priority for any prospective seller and there are a few

simple steps which you can take to improve your chances greatly.

First impressions are very important, your prospective purchaser will

form an opinion within thirty seconds of drawing up outside your

property. So make sure your garden is kept tidy, a well kept garden

usually looks larger and needing less maintenance than an untidy one.

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to improve the appearance of

your front door and window sills. Make sure the interior of your home

is free of clutter. Consider short term storage options to allow your

rooms to show off their true size and allow potential buyers a clearer

picture of how a room could look to them.

The smell of flowers can make a room feel more welcoming as can a

warm home in Winter and open windows in the Summer.

If you are showing people around your home try to be as helpful as

possible and answer all their questions truthfully. If you have a dog or

cat try to keep them isolated when people visit as not everyone likes


There are very few purchasers who buy the home of their dreams

and do not want to change anything. All too often when you view a

property you see it as it is, not as what it could be.

The best way to view a property is to use the viewing record page in

this guide. List all the positive and negative points of the property and

your feelings about it.

Then in your own time sit down and work out how much it will cost

you to alter the property to your own tastes and requirements. The

businesses featured in this guide are there to help you do this.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, however in my many years I

have seen so many property transformations which have taken a sad

and dilapidated property and turned it into a home anyone would be

proud of. Think on, see the future, not the present.