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Copyright Glaric Consultancy Ltd. 2015




Monopoly charge half the average fees of the other estate

agents, providing an excellent level of customer service and a

full traditional estate agency experience.


As we are members of several accredited bodies, you will be

dealing with a regulated organisation managed by qualified

professionals at the forefront of the industry.

Style and Substance

Our contemporary style and branding has become synonymous

with high standard market leading services and consequently

offers elevated visibility for your property and greater results

for us both.


Along with our passion for property, we employ the powers of

listening, understanding and empathy and combine this with

energy, ambition and drive to achieve our client’s goals.

Local Presence

With our extensive first hand local knowledge, there is no one

better placed to represent you and promote the sale of your



We manage a comprehensive database of buyers who have

given us their search criteria and matching this with your house

very often results in success.

• Marke t Appra i sa l •

• Hi gh Qua l i t y Photos •

• Comprehens i ve I n t er ne t Coverage •

• Ri gh tmove , Zoop l a , Pr ime l oca t i on •

• Newspaper Adver t i s i ng •

• Proper t y Vi ewi ng •

• Ar rang i ng EPC and F l oor P l ans •

( add i t i ona l charges app l y )

• Ar range f or eye ca t ch i ng “For Sa l e” board •

• Negot i a t e Of f er s •

• Send ou t memorandum o f sa l e to a l l par t i es •

• L i a i se wi t h so l i c i tor s to make sure t he sa l e goes

smoot h l y •