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Ene r g y Pe r f o rmance Ce r t i f i ca t es *

F l oo r P l an *

* A l l op t i ona l ma r k e t i ng se r v i ces a r e sub j ec t t o a f ee

R i gh tmo v e P r em i um L i s t i ng *

(EPCs) give information on how energy efficient a property is and

suggests ways to improve efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide


All homes bought, sold or rented are legally required to have a

current EPC.

Adding a floor plan of your property allows prospective buyers

to have a clear indication of the layout of the property.

Floor plans also give perspective and show the layout of rooms.

A floor plan can make a huge difference between a buyer

wanting to view a property or not.

70% of home hunters turn to rightmove first. Stand out from the

crowd with a premium listing.

35% increased views on properties when premium listed.