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Every house irrespective of its age, condition or value must have a valuation

carried out before any lender will agree to a loan for its purchase.

Whilst this valuation safeguards the interests of the lender, it does little to

protect the purchaser and will not show if a property has hidden defects which

can undermine its value and cause untold problems in the future.

Wheeldon and Deacon was established in 1924 to meet local needs for surveys

and valuations for commercial and residential property. This is an independent

company who considers client service to be of the utmost importance.

For prospective home purchasers, the business offers two main types of survey,

each one of which is suitable for certain types of property.

The first type of survey is based on the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered

Surveyors) Homebuyers Survey & Valuation. This survey goes into far more

depth than the Valuation Report and will examine important areas such as the

state of the timber.

It will also look at the settlement of the property to ensure that it is within

acceptable standards and represents a comprehensive, though not total, survey.

It should give the buyer a much better idea of any faults which exist or may

come to exist in the future. The buyer can also expect to receive a full report on

the findings of the survey.

It is common sense that you should safeguard what is probably the largest

investment you will ever make in your life, which means that you get the best

survey you can afford.

Wheeldon & Deacon are the ideal company to help and advise you.

Independent Chartered Surveyors Established in 1924

Admirals House, 18 Nelson Street, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1EF

Tel: 01702 344 621 • Email:

Wheeldon & Deacon Chartered Surveyors