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There are other examples where the Party Wall procedure applies but the above

are the most common seen.

Our specialist Party Wall Surveyors who are Chartered Surveyors are well versed

and experienced in this type of work and regularly carry out Party Wall procedure

Awards and inspections in Essex areas.

Please contact our office for a preliminary guidance note.


Disputes can occur between neighbours with reference to boundaries and

between clients and contractors with reference to building works. In certain

circumstances our experienced Chartered Surveyors will be able to help, either

resolve the dispute or refer the matter to a particular specialist who can assist.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewal

This most usually occurs for commercial property. We act for both Landlords

and Tenants and undertake Rent Review and Lease Renewal negotiations on

most classes of commercial property. It is vital to obtain the assistance of a

professional Chartered Surveyor in dealing with this type of undertaking to

ensure a fair and correct settlement is achieved.

David Plaskow, FRICS is a recognised Independent Expert on the RICS Dispute

Resolution panel and often acts as a Third Party Independent Expert where

disputes cannot be settled.

Long Leasehold Property and Buying Freeholds

If you have a long Lease that is starting to become shorter and you are concerned

about marketability of your Leasehold interest, then Hair & Son’s Valuers

can assist you in providing a Lease Extension premium valuation to assist in

negotiations to obtain a Lease Extension, or if necessary, appear at a Tribunal to

give evidence to support a final purchase figure.

If you are a qualifying group of Lessees and wish to purchase your Freehold

interest (enfranchisement), Hair & Son’s experienced registered Valuers can

assist in providing a professional valuation of the Freehold interest to assist in

the negotiated purchase, or if necessary appear at a Tribunal to give evidence to

support a final purchase figure.