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If perhaps you have just redecorated

your home and are left pondering where

to purchase your new carpets, flooring

or furniture to finish the room, then a

visit to Keith Jay Carpets & Furniture is

highly recommended.

They are specialists in domestic and

commercial flooring and they carry

a large selection of samples in their

impressive showroom. The team is

happy to provide their customers with

free estimates.

It is not just flooring which can be found

in their extensive showroom. They also

have a wide range of furniture on display


Their furniture range is carefully selected

from quality assured brands including

Harrison Brothers, Sherborne, Rauch,

Jade and Kozee Sleep. If you are looking

for a comfortable bed or mattress, sofa

bed, 3-piece suite, armchair, cabinet or

dining set, you will find it all at Keith Jay.

Quite rightly the business is proud of the

fact that the majority of their business

comes from personal recommendations.

Customers can be assured that

everything they do will be carried out to

the highest standards.

When visiting their showroom, your

enquiry will be treated with courtesy and

respect. You can expect to receive all

the advice, guidance and reassurance

you need when you are making your

purchase. Customers can rest assured

that high pressure sales are definitely

not part of their agenda.

The entire feel of a room can be

dramatically changed through the

thoughtful use of the correct floor

covering or furniture.

Keith Jay Carpets & Furniture also

recognise that only half the job is

done once the carpet is sold and

that customers may have some

apprehension as to how the work is to

be carried out.


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