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FindYour Perfect Home

Advice To People Viewing Property

At May’s we pride ourselves on providing a

first class customer service making you, the

prospective purchaser, feel both important

and confident in the way in which we

help you secure the right property for

your requirements. Our experienced and

dedicated sales team will advise you step

by step. We can offer...

• A varied selection of properties to choose

from in and around the area.

• Accompanied viewings of vacant

properties arranged at mutually

convenient times.

• We offer support throughout the

purchase process, should it be required,

by liaising closely with the solicitors

involved in the transaction.

• Financial options to suit your individual

requirements are available via our

experienced and independent mortgage


If you choose to sell your house as well

as buy with us, we can provide you with

further advice and support, helping to

alleviate the stresses and strains that can

occur at this time.

There are very few purchasers who buy the

home of their dreams and do not want to

change anything. All too often when you

view a property you see it as it is, not as

what it could be.

The best way to view a property is to use

the viewing record page in this guide. List

all the positive and negative points of the

property and your feelings about it.

Then in your own time sit down and

work out how much it will cost you to

alter the property to your own tastes and

requirements. The businesses featured in

this guide are there to help you do this.

At the end of the day the choice is yours,

however, over the years we have all seen

so many property transformations which

have taken a sad and dilapidated property

and turned it into a home anyone would be

proud of.