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Guide to moving home


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It is inevitable that when you buy or sell a property you will attract

costs and you will find listed below the majority of those applicable.

The actual amounts will vary and are dependent upon the price of

the property being sold or purchased.

Selling a Residential Property

Estate Agents Costs – These are calculated as a percentage of the

sale price. When you first put your property onto the market, your

agent will have agreed with you a percentage commission which

would include all the marketing and advertising activity associated

with selling and promoting your home.

Energy Performance Certificate

– This is now a legal requirement

and your agent will arrange to have this carried out. Costs will be

relevant to the size of your property.

Legal Costs

– These are associated with all the work your Solicitor

will carry out during the conveyancing process and will be agreed

before you instruct them.

Purchasing a Residential Property

Deposit – Once again a variable, however, this is the amount your

mortgage provider will require you to pay as a down payment in

order to receive a mortgage offer.

Mortgage Valuation/Survey

– This is an area you need to think

about as you have three options.

1) The Valuation Report only covers the mortgage provider.

It will not tell you about any structural defects or other

problem areas which could undermine your investment.

2) The HBSA is a more detailed report and whilst costing

a little more does provide a much more in depth analysis

of your proposed purchase.

3) The Structural Survey is advised for older property or in

areas where there are known problems, such as


Mortgage Booking/Application Fee

– This is a fee levied by your

mortgage broker for setting up the mortgage and acting on your

behalf. The cost can vary, but will be identified at the start of the


Stamp Duty Land Tax

– This is a variable percentage which is

payable to the government and is based on the selling price of

your property. Currently the rates are 0% for properties under

£125,000, up to 7% for properties over £2,000,000. Full details

can be found on

There may be other costs associated with the purchase of a

property, however, the ones listed above are the major areas you

should be aware of.

What costs can we expect in the sale or purchase

of a Residential Property?