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Guide to moving home


Copyright Glaric Consultancy Ltd. 2016

Firstly, you will have to secure the property by paying the

administration fee. Once this is paid, you can formally apply for the

tenancy and we will take the relevant details from you. We will pass

these details on to our in-house referencing team, who will liaise

with you with regards to details on employment, finance, previous

addresses and references.

These details are crucial for us to provide our client with all the

information they require in order to make an informed decision on

your tenancy application.

We will be guided by our reference team and if a Guarantor is

required, they will be expected to fill out a similar form and will be

subject to the same references and credit checks. Any Guarantor

will have to be a UK resident, own a home in the UK and have an

active UK bank account.

Our administration fee is £200.00 + VAT per property. There will

be an additional charge of £18 + VAT per tenant per credit check.

The administration fee goes towards the tenancy documentation

to include the references and drawing up of the legally binding

tenancy agreement.

The administration fee is non returnable if the credit and reference

checks come back unsatisfactory or the tenant withdraws the

application. The administration fee will be refunded if the landlord

decides to withdraw the property from the market. If the property is

withdrawn at any time, Chambers Estate Agents accept no liability

with regards to any costs incurred or inconvenience suffered by the

prospective tenant.

Once the references have been obtained and the credit check

satisfied, we will move on to signing our law society approved

tenancy agreement. It is important to note that you should not

sign anything that you are unsure of and our negotiators, or a

representative of your choice, can explain anything that you do not


The tenancy agreement must be signed prior to the tenancy

commencing. All applicants must be present at the signing of the

tenancy and keys will not be released unless the tenancy has been

signed by all named applicants.

In terms of fees, the bond and first months rent must be paid in

advance of the signing of the tenancy. If you are paying by cheque,

we will require a cheque a week before the tenancy commences.

A deposit (bond) is equivalent to a months rent plus £100.00 and

that is held in the DPS (Deposit Protection Service). If the landlord

is managing the property, then they will provide you with the details

of where your bond is held.

All subsequent rent payments will then be paid by standing order

and we will provide you with the paperwork on commencement of

the tenancy.

We will inform all of the utilities that your tenancy has started

and you will be obligated to pay the council tax, gas, electric

and water charges during the period of your tenancy. It will be

your obligation to obtain a TV licence and any parking permits, if


If we are managing the property on a day to day basis, we will

liaise with you with regards to repairs and maintenance. You should

call the office if there is any serious maintenance issues or if it is out

of hours our contractor Nicholas David 07828 765122 is on hand to


We carry out regular inspections on all of our managed properties

and you will be given the appropriate notice for our visit.

If you wish to terminate the tenancy, we require one month’s written

notice before the rent due date. Our minimum tenancy term is for 6


We would always advocate setting up a mail redirection upon your

departure and we will not be responsible for forwarding on any

mail to your new address.

Chambers Estate Agents have been managing properties for over

20 years and we have a team of contractors in place to give us, you

and the landlord peace of mind.

Any problems relating to your tenancy should be reported

to the office by phone on 029 2052 2106 or via email info@

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