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Guide to moving home


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The process of selling a property may to many appear complicated,

lengthy and drawn out, however, the following paragraphs will help

you to better understand what happens.

Before you take the decision to put your property on the market,

you would be well advised to instruct a Solicitor or Conveyancer to

handle your conveyancing.

The majority of people will not speak to a Solicitor until they have

received an offer, however this can have the effect of delaying the

entire process.

When you have received and accepted an offer on your property,

the buyers Solicitor will send a letter confirming that your buyer

has mortgage approval in principle.

As part of the conveyancing process, you or your Solicitor may

be asked questions about your property or you may be asked to

produce documentation supporting any information you provide.

Your buyer’s Solicitor will also commence the legal and local

authority searches legally required for a sale.

These will confirm your legal right to sell the property which is

called ‘Evidence of Title’ and will also confirm the boundaries of

the property.

Once all the searches and other details have been agreed, a

contract for the sale will be put together and will be exchanged, this

is known as ‘the exchange contracts.’

This is also the point at which a completion date will be arranged

with the buyer.

On the agreed completion date, the appropriate funds will be

transferred from the buyer’s Solicitor to your Solicitor and when

this has been confirmed you will pass over the property keys to your


Never hand over the keys until your Solicitor has told you that the

transfer of funds has been completed.

You should never at any time attempt to conceal information and

should answer any questions honestly and to the best of your


Any communication must be through your Solicitor and your estate

agent. Never communicate with your buyer’s Solicitor or with your

prospective buyer.

The process is involved and it needs to be if your best interests are

to be safeguarded. Chambers Estate Agents are here to help every

step of the way.

What do you need to know about the Sales Process?