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How May’s Can HelpYou Sell Your Property

By instructing May’s to sell your property, you will gain

access to a vast number of potential buyers via our ever

expanding mailing list. Your property will also be featured

on our own Internet site,,

this will

allow your property to be seen not just by prospective

buyers looking to move within this area, but also those

who are thinking of relocating here.

• Free no obligation valuation of your property.

• Qualified, trained and enthusiastic members of staff.

• Full colour digitally produced sales particulars.

• Regular press advertising.

• Our Agency uses experience to differentiate between

potential buyers and time wasters, with viewings

arranged to suit you.

• Competitive commissions. No sale = No fee. Also

no advertising expenses should you withdraw your

property from the market.

• Ever growing mailing list of prospective purchasers.

• Accompanied viewings (where applicable).

• Assistance with furniture sales if required. Extensive

finance options available to prospective purchasers of

your home.

In order to sell your home quickly and efficiently, we will do

everything in our power to help you, such as guidance as

to how prospective purchasers should be shown around

your property to best advantage. However it is important

to remember you can also help the process move along by

following a few hints and tips as featured in the editorial

section titled “Advice to people SELLING property.”

If you would like a free, no obligation valuation, contact us

and we will be pleased to help.

Advice to people selling property

Selling your property quickly and gaining the best possible

price has got to be a priority for any prospective vendor

and there are a few simple steps which you can take to

improve your chances greatly.

First impressions are very important, your prospective

purchaser will form an opinion within thirty seconds of

drawing up outside your property.

So make sure your garden is kept tidy, a well kept garden

usually looks larger and needing less maintenance than an

untidy one.

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to improve the

appearance of your front door and window sills. Make sure

the interior of your home is free of clutter.

A warm room in winter can make your home feel more

welcoming, as can open windows in the summer.

If you are showing people around your home try to be as

helpful as possible and answer all their questions truthfully.

If you have a dog or cat, try to keep them isolated when

people visit as not everyone likes animals.