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Security For You and Your Property

From gas and health & safety checks, to rent deposit and statutory consultations

prior to maintenance work, there is a myriad of rules and regulations that your

property needs to abide by. But with Hair & Son you do not need to worry. We

handle these on your behalf, ensuring your properties comply with every single

piece of legislation now and in the future. But that is not all. Because the Royal

Institution of Chartered Surveyors and The Property Ombudsman regulate us as

a company, you can be doubly sure that your business and all its components

operate within the strictest of guidelines.

The Management Department is backed by a professional accounts team using

bespoke software specifically designed for property management. We have,

in fact, been using computers within our management department for over 35

years, the first of which was the size of a small house.

Our accounts department does a variety of jobs on behalf of clients including

ensuring any arrears are kept to a minimum and accounting to our clients

promptly with full details and invoices for any expenses. In addition to the

general financial management, we can also advise you on minimising your tax

liabilities whilst renting your property in the United Kingdom.

So if we can assist you with your investments in any way, please call us on

01702 394959 or e-mail