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Why Choose Hair & Son?

At Hair & Son we are all too aware that nobody has to use our services and that

all our clients must choose to do so, so we have always been only too aware of

the need to offer a lot more than just an average “Estate Agent.”


We believe the fact that we are so often recommended is quite possibly our

strongest asset and clear proof that we do live up to our promises and, hopefully,

generally exceed our client’s expectations.

Of the numerous buyers and sellers that we’ve contacted following a sale or

purchase, we are delighted to report that 100% of them would be pleased to use

our services again and exactly the same figure would be happy to recommend

us to friends and family.

Reaching the Widest Market

As part of the influential Relocation Agent Network we have 600 offices around

the Country and over 100 inside the M25. We fully understand the importance

of ‘out of town applicants’ and often find that over 50% of our buyers come from

outside the local area.

Presentation is Key

Everyone seems to offer “professional photography” and other so called “add-

ons” with us the professional photography; professional floorplans and dynamic

brochures are all included. Uniquely, we also offer a full digital furnishing

service, often for less than £100 all in.

The Most Successful Agency in the Area

We regularly monitor how we perform against the competition and equally

regularly find that we considerably outperform the competition, in two key

ways. Firstly, if instructing Hair & Son you are more likely to move with us and

in some cases almost twice as likely as with other agents.

Secondly, with Hair & Son you are much more likely to sell your home from the

original asking price, rather than having to reduce and reduce again, from an

inappropriate and often over optimistic starting figure. In this case we are up to

four times better than our competition, some of whom barely scrape over the

50% success rate. (Figures obtained through Rightmove).

In Conclusion

Over the years, we have realised that it is none of the above particular headlines

that hit home but in fact it is a combination of them all and most importantly,

we promise service with a smile.