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An Enviable Tenant Database

Having been active in the local rental market for over 95 years,

our lettings department has one of, if not the, largest database of

prospective tenants in the area. This means that at any one time, we

could have 10 or 20 potential tenants for your property without even

marketing it. And because we use the latest refereeing and credit check

software, and protect deposits under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we

can provide a complete guarantee for the tenant you choose.

Support in Building Your Portfolio

As part of the comprehensive service that comes with dealing

with the Estate Office, we are able to go above and beyond to help

Landlords and their businesses. Thanks to our background in property

management and our experience buying homes, we are able to advise

on the purchase of your properties, as well as letting them, helping you

to create, establish and grow your property portfolio.

Great Offers to New Landlords

We know choosing who lets your property is a big decision. That is why

we make it easy. On top of all of our other services and benefits, we

also provide outstanding offers for new landlords, including reduced

letting and management fees for the first few months. We believe our

service is so exceptional that once you have tried it, you will not want

to go anywhere else – and after the first few months we are sure you

will agree.